Book Talk: Deadly Reigns 2

 This book was simply amazing. I finished reading this maybe last Saturday. It had a lot of killing. The author was so articulate with how she chose the deaths of the people. It was simply inspiring.

 I will admit that Towards the middle I got a little bored. It was like everything the Reigns Family was going through made me feel like it was over. I got bored I guess because I was used to them dominating so much. Not to spoil anything but I was hurt when the most innocent person out the family died. Heartbreaking.

 The ending felt like a long-awaited ending to it all. I would have honestly been okay with that ending only if the main character was marrying his childhood friend. But when the tables flipped throughout the last part. It was groundbreaking.

 In conclusion, I loved part 2 of this series. Maybe more than the first one. The middle kind of bored me. The main characters were just dropping like flies. So it felt like the enemies were too strong or it was unrealistic. But maybe that’s because I was so into it that I hated seeing the good guys go down.

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Deadly Reigns 2




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