What’s On My iPhone?

What’s On My iPhone?

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For starters, my background is yours truly with a cartoon-like filter to it. The original photo is Model Dreams #32. Just like any standard iPhone I have the regular apps. All except my first folder which is titled News.

News: I’m now going to list my Favorite Apps in this folder and why I have or use them.

XXL: I use this for HipHop news mainly. I get notifications daily about daily outbreaks in the hip hop entertainment world. As well as new song notifications. I like it because I get to stay in the loop.
Fox News Dc: If you don’t know I am from and currently reside in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)area. So with this app, I get news about the craziness going on here. Plus I don’t like watching the news so I rather get it on my phone. So that’s another upside.
CNN: Just like Fox News Dc I get my news from here as well. But sometimes I get stories that I don’t always see on Fox. So yeah there’s that.


Shop: I do a lot of shopping on my phone. So these are just a couple of stores I shop from.

Fiverr: I probably overuse this app a lot. Fiverr is a freelance company filled with creators. They range from graphic design, editing, etc.
ASOS: My best friend. When I was bigger I found clothes that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’m coming down in sizes. ASOS if you want an influencer. Kidding. No, I’m not. But I use this app for shopping for clothes and accessories. I love it because I can do it on the go and can stay up to date on New Releases.
Footlocker: My third love. Shoes. I love this app because I get notifications of new releases as well as shopping for new shoes.

Utilities: This folder has a couple of utilities that I use. Some I don’t use most times.

Roku: I have a Roku tv in my house. So I use this a lot to control the television with my phone.
Parcel Track: I don’t know if your like me but I track all my packages. I know when they reach the ups truck or mailman. I know when it’s on the way. I know the estimated time for when it should be delivered. This app is pretty handy for someone like me.
Hiya: Don’t you hate those spam callers. This app helps identify them when they call. Instead of seeing a random number and taking a chance. It tells you whose spam or fraud, so I know whether to answer or not.

Writing: This is where I keep my writings for when I’m on the go.

B- Rhymes is a top 5 app for me always. It helps me rhyme when I’m writing a new piece. As well as PrimeRhyme & Rhyme Time.
Grammarly: I’m not perfect. So with that being said, I like Grammarly because it corrects my grammatical issues when I’m writing a blog on my phone.

Drive & Word: I like apps like Drive &Word because I like having my books and story files with me at all times.


$$$: Is just my digital wallet.

Cash app: is my most used app on here. I use it for everything.
Pay pal: is the second most used app here. For the same reasons as Cash App.
RushCard: Barely use this or the app but I keep the app to check my balance on there.

Photo & Video: This is how I edit my photos for Instagram and other social media platforms.

Pexels: This is an app full of photos you can use for social media. You can’t use it for commercial products. It is the only downfall. I often get pictures from here.
Canva: I use this to create my blog title pictures. As well as for my poetry Quotes on Instagram.
Layout: Layout is used to make collages. Something I often use on this transformation weight loss journey.

Social Media: Finally my most used folder and most distracting apps, Social Media.

Instagram: I use Instagram maybe 70% of the time. It’s bad but oh well. My main accounts are barely used though. I use my finsta the most.
Snapchat: I still have a love for this app. I use this sloth throughout my day. Follow me on their @k.exum
Twitter: I barely use my main Twitter. My fake one is most used really. But sometimes I use my Twitter to retweet the kkkoruption going on in this country.

Business: This is filled with everything that deals with this blog and the K. Exum Brand.

WordPress: This a must-have. I use it to stay updated on my blog as well as others. I like to read other people’s blogs sometimes. Mainly other poets.
Buffer: is my way of scheduling my Instagram posts.
Muses: I want to be an influencer so I often search for little things I can do that’s still in my field of being a writer and blogger. I haven’t done any yet.


Health: This is how I maintain my figure.

Lose it: This is how I track my eating to make sure I stay on course.

Kp: This is my doctor’s office app. How I maintain contact with my doctors.
Activity: if you have an Apple Watch then I’m sure your familiar with this app. It tracks my motions throughout the day when I’m wearing my watch.


Navigation: My way of getting from point A to point B.
Waze: I use this the most because it tells me when there’s an accident ahead. Or if there’s a race solider ahead of me. It often gives a quicker route to my destination.

Entertainment: The entertainment section is filled with stuff I use to entertain myself when social media gets boring.

Kindle: I use this more on my iPad but this is used to read books Daily.
YouTube: I am a YouTube addict. I barely ever watch tv.
Netflix: Same as youtube.


Games: Always playing games. I like puzzle games the most.

Wordscapes: Addicted to this one. I believe I’m on level 158.
Gold Mine Vegas: Not a puzzle but it’s fun. Remind me of the pc version on websites like Y8 and Y3.
Word search: I feel old but I like playing this game as well.

Extras: These are just some extra apps that I didn’t know where to put them.

Cannon Connect: If you have a Cannon With WiFi, this is the app for you. You can easily sync pictures from your camera to your phone. Also, you can do like photo shooting.
Daily Quote: I like to receive daily quotes.
Apple support: Apple and I should be best friends because when something goes wrong I will be texting them through this.

Well, that concludes this long blog. In conclusion, I know that I got too many apps. They all don’t provide much use. But they’re there if I need them. Just like family. If you enjoyed this blog. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated on my blog. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on all social media platforms.

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