I Feel Like (Poem)

I feel like a vampire

I been feeling so much heat around me like a campfire

Everything I write has been straight fire

Living life trying to get higher

Every day I wake up just trying to be flyer

God made me a climber

I feel like I’m about to explode I guess someone finally set off the timer

Everything in the past has been minor

This poem is a reminder

A reminder that someone open the door to an animal inside

Understand that I’m ready to ride

I’m never going to get tired

I’m going to do this till the day I die

Whoever said I was going to stop must have been a liar

I’m the best there ever was, the best there ever will be I guess I’m on my brett hart thing

I’m on a sprint

Hint, hint this the blueprint

I use to think I needed a shrink

I was just working out the kinks

I just needed time to think

At times I just wanted to be extinct

But that was just my instincts

Take the easy way out

Now I’m out my drought

And on a route

On a route to catch my dreams like odell beckham jr going for the one hand pass

I’m up now and I’m going to make it last

I have my future in my grasp

And I’m never going to let it go

I feel like the man with the master plan

I use to want money like a couple of grand

But when I had it, it fell through my hands like sand

Do you understand

My mind is working It’s never in wonderland

I feel like the great one

I’m just being blunt

I’m not trying to stunt

I’m on a hunt

All my non-believers I give them a punt

Everyone is entitled to an opinion like trump

But they don’t all deserve a stump

I feel like the fat playboy hef

I had to confess

I’m just obsessed with my handsomeness

I feel like the one to beat

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