Safety (Poem)


Rip Amy this one is for you

Man I turned on the news the other day

It was so shocking at what I saw

I usually talk about the law

But I can’t blame the law for this one

It all took place in a school bathroom

A couple of girls jumped another girl to death

Now lets all take a deep breath

To take away some of the stress

I don’t get how this could happen

I thought school was safe

Now school just looking like a disgrace

A 16-year old girl was jumped over a boy

Leaving parents hearts destroyed

It’s not worth it

Fighting gets you nowhere

It just brings plenty of tears

What do you gain

All you do is entertain

Just to sustain some pain

I don’t mean to offend

This is why we need to focus on the young minds

Cause times gone change

Kids want to be adults so bad

And the parents want to ignore so bad

So who are we to blame

The youth is the future

This is not humor

We are losing young lives in school

The place we influence you to stay in

Stay in school and off the streets

But if school is not safe and the streets bringing the heat

Then where is the safety

Everywhere is looking so risky

All we can do is pray

But I pray each day

And bodies continue to drop

When will it ever stop

Death seems to be nonstop

Until further notice my prayers go out to the Joyner family

R.I.P Amy


Disclaimer: Just looking through old pieces. I remember I wrote this because I was saddened by the news in 2016 about a child dying in school. This was written back then. Hope you get the message. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Like and leave comments below.

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