Book Talk: Deadly Reigns

 So I have been reading some older books by my favorite author Teri Woods. I’m in love with urban fiction, by the way, so she’s write up my alley. Anyways I have been reading Deadly Reigns 2 it was released originally in 2006. A year before, the first one was released.

 The book I’m going to talk about. I thoroughly read this book 2 months or so ago. It was a great read. It was about a top drug lord who is very difficult to get because he plays legit in front of the public. Plus all the officers that came after him disappeared.

 So the FBI decides to put one of their agents undercover. Of course, it was a woman. Kind of typical but what occurred wasn’t typical. So from the jump, they figured out she was the FBI but decided to let her live. They stayed careful not to let their real operations be seen by her. Also the money the antagonist showed her made her fall in love.

 You know in movies you’ll see something like this. Then at some point, the cop totally switches on their people to be fully in love with the criminal. But not this time. At one point she flipped the switch on me. She pretended to leave her job and act like she switched to the bad side but really played him. She was able to find evidence on him but wasn’t able to bring him in because they blew up the evidence.

 I think I’m skipping a lot. So to summarize this. While this is going on the main character and boss Damien is at war with his own sister. His underboss Dante is the muscle. So I mentioned that because Dante ends up shooting the girlfriend of his brother when she tries to bring him in.

 So I spoiled a lot already but the end was magnificent. The brother comes to see the girl in the hospital dressed as the doctor. He was going to kill her but found out she was pregnant with his nephew.

 Crazy. Like that’s just some of the book. I’ll leave a link if you want to check it out even though I spoiled it. It’s not an affiliate link by the way. I’m currently reading number 2 and this book got more twists than the first.

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Deadly Reigns


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