Writing Prompt #38

Writing Prompt #38: What is my favorite thing to do when I’m alone?

My favorite thing to do when I’m alone. It’s a mixture of things I do when I’m alone. Most times I’ll set up my camera and recite some poems. For my Instagram Link Here. That’s the most common thing I’ll do these days.

Other than that I may write. Depending on if I have a strong idea in my head that I can just flow with. Sometimes I really got to think but if I got an idea that flows straight through my mind to my pen. Then that’s what I’ll do.

Record music is definitely something I do alone. For me, I tend to record in my room but I have to have complete silence and an empty home when I do. Not because of background noise. I just feel freer when I’m alone. I can fully get in the character I’m trying to portray through the poem.

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