The Story Of Charles Levi: Character Analysis

The Story Of Charles Levi: Character Analysis

So for this blog I’m revisiting a story I posted on here called The Story Of Charles Levi. Part 2 and three will be posted soon. Part one link here: The Story of Charles Levi.

List some things you dislike about the protagonist

1. She’s too curious for me. Always looking into things she has no business in.

2. She’s very anxious and nervous all the time.


List some things you like about the antagonist

1. I like how mysterious he is. You don’t understand him which makes it harder to know his next move. You know he just moves in silence

2. He’s confident and smart. Like he knows your next move before you know it.

3. No fear in him. He seems to not fear anyone. Even when the opponent has the advantage.

4. He has a slight sense of humor. Maybe seen in other parts of the story.

5. He is a planner. He is maniacal with his actions.

6. A master at disguise. He doesn’t shy away from hiding in plain sight.

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