Weekly Thoughts #32

Weekly Thoughts #32:

I passed out recently. Scary as hell. At no point during the day did I think that it would happen but I walked in the house from my backyard with my dog. Next thing I know everything went black. I was probably out a couple of seconds but it wasn’t pleasant. I was fighting my body to get up with only one person in my mind. My nephew, I was literally yelling Celtic Celtic because I couldn’t remember if he walked in with me or not. Crazy. After that mess, I went to the doctors just to not get a good answer for why. Basically, they think I was dehydrated but I don’t think so. But who really knows.

It’s crazy to think just a couple weeks after surgery I would be putting on clothes I never thought I would be able to fit again. Here’s a pic from IG.

The pic on the left was taken maybe two years ago. Then another one but more recent than the first. This journey to this point was difficult but worth the outcome.

I finally shot a visual poem. I have been wanting to do this for a while. I think it turned out okay. I had notes before but kind of made it up as I went along. Now I’m waiting on the lyrics to be added to the video. This piece is slightly late in away. I wrote it before surgery but still wanted to put it out so here I go.

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