Am I A Atheist?

When I was a child I was born into a family who was mainly Christians. So I guess I identified as that for along time. But maybe starting last year or so I just don’t go by that anymore. I believe in god. I believe I was created for a purpose like I have a mission. But the whole bible thing is not something I’ll read it’s not something I would even believe.

I’m sort of not feeling the thoughts written in the Bible. Certain parts just don’t connect with me and how I think. For starters, it’s supposed to be like the book of life and how things supposed to be right. It’s how God wanted things to be right. But why he didn’t write it. It’s a book of words written by someone else saying this is what he meant. But that same writer never met him or her.

It’s like someone writing a biography about someone they never met, spoke with or even saw with their own eyes. Then they talk about that person thoughts as if they knew them. Maybe I’m wrong but who really is right? If you never seen them just been fed words from others. Like I got some issues with this. Like why are their so many bibles?

Who’s is telling the truth? That’s just my thoughts on it. I’m a believer in god but you can miss me with all the god said this stuff. Or Jesus did this. I just don’t believe it. But follow this blog for more poetry, random thoughts, and stories. View my previous post until tomorrow. Follow me on all social media platforms.

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