Writing Prompt #37

Writing Prompt #37: If your blog was a child…

If my blog was a child. I would say when we first met it was today just one year ago. I was with your mother’s Wix at the time. She babysat you until I met WordPress. From then on I groomed you into this wonderful soul.

Some days with you take a toll on me. Sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with you but I can’t fold. I got to hold up my head and make sure I dress you daily. Dress you in the clothes I created. So you can be fresh every day. If I’m ever without you it’s only for a day.

I know I’m not perfect but I do my best for you. If I’m not dressing you I’m learning more about how to groom you into the excellent blog you can be. So you can be more presentable to the visitors who often come through.

Just a fun little prompt I did for today. Today is the day I first started my blog. This day one year ago I started my blog on Wix.com. Expect another post later. But for now, view my previous posts. Follow me on IG @k.exum. Also, follow this blog for more.

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