Top 5 Favorite: Blogs That I Created

This is just my Top 5 Favorite Blogs that I have created so far. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on all social media platforms and enjoy this blog.

1. Behind The Scenes: 400+: Just because it was a post where I got real. I explained my struggles with being big and tall and not loving it at all. I released the emotions and thoughts that I had never told anyone before. The same thoughts that made me change up my lifestyle because I was able to realize my problems and solve them.

2. All the weekly Thoughts: Just like 400+, doing these blogs every once in awhile provided a mirror that I so desperately needed.

3. Story Time Cougar: It was just a funny time to write about. I always wanted to share that story.

4. Model Dreams # 20: all of them really because for some reason I just like taking pictures. I started Model Dreams because secretly I have Model Dreams I guess. Not like walking the runway but being on clothing sites and being an influencer type of modeling. Maybe I’ll pursue one day. Hopefully.

5. Let’s Talk About It: Bullying: Same as the others, I like all of them. But this is one of my favorites because I hate bullying. The message in this was really that bullying should be handled differently. The victims do need comfort but the bullies too. I believe everything happens for a reason. Read more of that blog, link above.

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