Cage (Poem)

Let me out the cage

I’m stuck backstage

I thought about going on a rampage

But how can I manage

I can do some serious damage

My emotions are bottled up in a package

Never to be opened

My life ain’t golden

A lot of time was stolen

I feel like I’m molding instead of growing

But never showing emotions

Felt like I was apart of prostitution

Or maybe a contribution

The distribution was bad

Still stuck in a institution

Enough of the rhyme scheme

I started turning into something mean

Since I was a teen

I just wanted to be part of the team

It wasn’t part of the dream

I stuck with it but never loved it

I was never legit

I always have a fit

Had my mind doing flips

I always got a chip on my shoulder

Could never let it go

Always trying to bring in the dough

But this temper got to go

Had it since birth

Feel like I’m cursed

I just want to burst

I remember that time I was knocking

Yall was blocking

It was so shocking

Everyday the memory is mocking me

They say your fam is always there

But that day they didn’t care

Always bring a tear

So now you want to apologize

I don’t even want it

I’m on my own

My life was postponed for your own thing

Now let it sting

Disclaimer: Some background information on this piece is this was my second ever poem I wrote. Hope you like, and comment your thoughts below. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on all social media platforms. Follow my Blog IG @Piecesofkblog

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