Weekly Thoughts #31

Weekly Thoughts #31

It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a post like this and not much has changed. As far as my post-op journey it has definitely evolved. I no longer feel any pain in my body. I can eat more foods than just seafood.

On to other things. Model Dreams I really want to post more pictures but I can’t fit anything in my closet. My skinny jogger jeans are now baggy on me. I have never felt so happy to not be able to fit any of my clothes. I would go out and purchase clothes but at the rate, I’m going it’s really no point. I buy some clothes and can’t fit it next month is really no point. Plus I’m not balling like that.

So close to finishing this little project as well as trying to blog more. I’m almost done with this writing challenge and I’m thinking of doing another or just doing writing prompts every day. I need a mandatory post plus another. Still thinking about it.

My blogs Birthday is on the 15th of this month and I’m excited. Excited that I lasted this long. I honestly didn’t miss that many days if any on my journey to blogging every day. If I did I think I made up for it. Blogging is still something new to me so I’m still learning as I go along.

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