Support (Poem)

Lately I been feeling some type of way

I sometimes feel like I need some space

But I continue to see through with god’s grace

But some people has been making me feel like a disgrace

Sometimes I wish that I could replace them

But I need them

They are the ones that made me

They fed me

Took care of me

They made sure that I could breathe today

And I thank them so greatly

But I can’t stand them on a daily

I sometimes wish they would love me like they use to

I remember when I was a kid and I use to write about them

That was way back when I use to wear crocs

Sitting in my room watching the rock

They use to read my stuff and jump for joy like a frog

Now they keep me on lockdown like a bad dog

I had to become the underdog

Writing was nonstop

When I picked up the pen I just couldn’t stop

I sometimes wish I could go back to that time

But I can’t think about the past I need to grind

I feel like it’s my time

My time to shine

But no support leaves me down

No matter how much I pound

I just can’t knock down the door

I just want to come back to your hearts

I want you to listen to me pop like a pop tart

Listen to my form of art

I’m just throwing my shot like I’m playing with darts

I just want the support

I have been shun like I’m a dork

I just want you to hold me like food on a fork

They have been pushing me away like a Muslim and pork

They only around when I’m playing sports

I just want to be explosive like some fireworks

I want you to listen to my words

I just simply want the support


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