Day 25 (Writing Challenge)

Day 25

This is Part Of The 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’m participating in, if you would like to do it leave it in the comments as I go along. Or follow link

Think of any word. Search it on google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image

This one takes the cake in being the weirdest one. So the word I picked was love. This is the 11th pic on google images.



 Love between two people is a sight to see. But in my life love is like my distant cousin I haven’t seen in awhile. Especially between me and a special someone is something I feel I’m missing. To the ones that’s smiling and as they call it boo’d up I’m happy for you. My time will come one day. Or maybe I’m just better on my own. As long as the love between me and myself is strong then I’m blessed with that.

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