Day 23 (Writing Challenge)

Day 23

This is Part Of The 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’m participating in, if you would like to do it leave it in the comments as I go along. Or follow link

A letter to someone, anyone

Dear Pops

Pops sometimes I don’t understand you

I mean when I was young you just disappeared out the blue

Didn’t even leave no trace, I was too young to even have a clue

Moms had to carry the weight of me on her back, she was permanently here like a tattoo

Now that I grew

You told me that you had to leave

What makes you leave a woman and a child to provide for themselves

Moms had bills on bills

Moms used to think I was crazy cause I looked at you as my hero

As I got older I realized you was nothing but a zero

I just got to get this off my torso

Writing this letter , I hope you get it

I would talk to you in person but I’m scared my fist and your face may have a meeting

I know I won’t stop until your leaking

Moms told me how you was always out here sneaking

How hard is it to keep your penis in your pants

you was never hear to help feed

You hung out with your friends blowing trees

While we had to find opportunities

Every time I asked you for something, you said you was busy working

Working on what, cause we never seen that money, moms pockets just hurting

We was starving looking for you but was never there we was just searching

If you wasn’t going to be apart of my life, then you should have wrapped it up like a turban

We was waiting for you to step up but you never did

With the little time we had you always told me what a real man did

Every lie you told me makes me look at you like a real bitch

You told me how a man never snitch

How a man take care of his family

That’s funny cause you was never there for me

I didn’t have no one to help me with my jumper

Just thinking of you got me hot like the summer

I wish I would have known what it was like to to play catch with my dad

To hang out with you and scope out the women to see which one is bad

I wish you was there when I was sad

You could of been there to cheer me up when I was mad

You had problems with moms don’t mean you abandon your cub

We could have been tight like a hug

I just wanted the love

Damn How could you leave your cub

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