Day 18 (Writing Challenge)

DAY 18

This is Part Of The 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’m participating in, if you would like to do it leave it in the comments as I go along. Or follow link the

Post 30 facts about yourself

This 30 Day Writing Challenge Is Getting Tough.
  1. I’m a scorpio
  2. I love to write
  3. I’m very tall
  4. I’m a Writer
  5. I’m a rap fanatic
  6. I wrote my first story when I was 8
  7. My idol is Gary Vee
  8. I love Dogs
  9. I’m funny at times
  10. I wrote my first poem when I was 18
  11. I love Playing games
  12. I was born in Washington D. C
  13. I’m Pretty
  14. I played football in high school
  15. I hated playing football in high school
  16. I love Comedies
  17. Steph Curry is my favorite basketball player
  18. I was raised in Maryland most of my life
  19. I had the gastric sleeve surgery
  20. I use to have temper tantrums in school
  21. I’m a big fan of basketball
  22. I wear a size 15 shoe
  23. I’m in love with shoes
  24. I’m Black
  25. My favorite rapper is J. Cole
  26. My favorite Author is Teri Woods
  27. I lived in North Carolina for a year
  28. I hated living in North Carolina
  29. I’m 21
  30. I love taking pictures

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