The Wait (Spoken Word)

Why do they want me to wait

Why shouldn’t I bring the hate

Because my life is at stake

I just need to let my words vent for a second

Cause I really feel threatened

All I want to be is a legend

But people keep telling me to wait

So I’m going to bring the hate

I been writing since I was eight

How long do you want me to wait

I got to make it big before I wait

I got so many things to do

I’m ruthless when I speak because I’m tired of waiting

And I just keep on hating

I didn’t have to wait when I was put on the field

I didn’t have a shield

So don’t tell me to wait

Waiting is why I got so much weight

I just want to be great

But my family bringing the hate

I just dropped the journey collection and I didn’t see no smile

Make me want to run for miles

Or change my style

But why do I got to change me to change you

I change myself once and named myself Delane

Because I thought I was running from my lane

But I’m stuck here like a stain

If you not with me get off the train

Man I’m fed up

I feel like a volcano about to erupt

I am corrupt with anger

I wish I were raised by strangers

Cause right here I feel like I’m in danger

In danger of quitting to fill others need

People mad because I’m a new breed

I guess I wouldn’t have to wait if I do what you want

If I go to culinary school it would be no wait

If I go to college it would be no wait

If I go play college ball it would be no wait

I guess when it’s my own dream then it got to wait

How long should I wait

Maybe I should stop everything

And be nothing

Because God put me here to write

So I must strike

Despite all the odds, I will make it

There is no wait when trying to make it

Did MLK wait

Did Muhammad Ali wait

Do rappers wait

Do football players wait

No, they go and chase greatness

So all the fakeness must wait

While I be great

The wait

K. Exum

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