Day 12 (Writing Challenge)

DAY 12

This is Part Of The 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’m participating in, if you would like to do it leave it in the comments as I go along. Or follow link

Write about 5 blessings in your life

My Gift: I can talk about it all day everyday. But its just the light of my day. Being able to create my own world with my hands, a pen and my imagination. Is my one true love. To be able to write out my pain and post it online just for people I never met to feel lights me up. To create a spoken word poem and listen to it over and over brings an inner joy to my heart.

Life: I’m blessed to be alive. 21 years of life. I know friends that didn’t make it this far. I’m blessed to be alive still.

Brother: My bro is my therapist and I might be his. He’s the extra push I need when I feel like I don’t have nothing left.

Nephew: This little guy brings me joy.

Growth: Blessed to be able to grow. Not just physically but mentally. Like just getting a clear grasp of everything I been through and where my life is going.

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