Day 10 (Writing Challenge)

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DAY 10

Write about something for which you feel strongly

This is a tough one. I feel strongly about one thing but I seem to always talk about it on this blog. Love it or hate it, I’m going to talk about the police and racism. I talk about it a lot I guess because a lot of times a lot of the shit they do goes unnoticed by others. I wish there was some way you can have police fired for shooting down people who didn’t pose as a threat.

It doesn’t seem like suing them does anything. Most time they justify their actions as reasonable. If roles reversed I would get a life sentence for half the things they do. Then most feel as though there are good cops out there. But where? The good don’t speak so I start to look at them as bad too. I’m a black poet that would on any day speak about the violence portrayed by people that look like me but name one cop that will say that this cop is wrong for shooting a man 55 times while he’s sleeping in a car. Name one? Oh, right it’s reasonable because there was a gun in sight my fault. *Sarcasm. Name one that will defend a family being harassed by two cops for a toy doll. Or how about one that will defend a cop saying a kid was running from them and shot himself in the back of the head. Or how about when a cop tells you to turn off your car and in the same breath yells he got a gun. Name one? If you don’t speak on it then your part of the problem.

I know there’s going to be a comment that I delete that says something stupid like black people kill each other too. No shit Sherlock. But comparing two situations doesn’t justify a cop shooting a man down. While attempting to wake him up. Who do you call when the police are the threat?

Nobody. I often read blogs and other sources where they state cops shoot white people too. Well, we have a common enemy. Now what?

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