This Is America (Poem)

America the land of the free

The home of the brave

Where cops shoot teens because they can

Nowadays the police are worst than the klan

Teenage girls become pregnant at 16

Half of America is stuck in poverty

Most people only have the energy to commit robberies

People gave up on working and started robbing

I guess this is the part you don’t see on tv

You only see the reality shows and athletes

You don’t see the people accepting defeat

The ones taking themselves out because of bills

You don’t see the addicts taking pills

You don’t see the drug dealers making deals

None of that is up for appeal

Its cool living the dream

Where everything is no longer segregated and everything is fair

A woman can beat the hell out of a man without him swinging

Women want rights to be equal but them beating men is fair

Countless videos of women jumping men while others watch

No one calls the police on the women, only call on men

A man defending himself is domestic violence

So I must silence

It’s so fair now between cops and gangsters

Cops can kill you and say it was a accident

On the other hand a gangster saying it was an accident gets him life

Now is that right

Day by day, night by night everyone pray for a better way

While days get worst

Teens are beat up and harassed by officers

While the president monitor

The people you vote for watch it all happen

Money is their only attraction

As long as they getting paid then they absent

I don’t even watch the news anymore

The news is so biased

You only see Hispanics and Black people doing illegal things

But never the Caucasian are ever on the scene

Black lives matter chants are seen everywhere

You only hear that when another race do the shooting

Black on black is just a normal shooting

Racial profiling is always the case

Walking while black will change the pace

Walking while white may get you a wave

Others live their lives being a slave

The only thing they worried about is the money

You get fed a bone every once in awhile

Just worried about not being on trial

This is everyday life

This is America

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