Writing Prompt #34

Writing Prompt 34: You wake up. She doesn’t

“ Good morning beautiful.”

David said as he extended his arm over the girl in his bed. The girl didn’t move a muscle.


No movement came from her. David flipped her over.

Oh no. What the hell? Is she dead?

David quickly jumped up and grabbed his phone off the dresser. He quickly dialed the number of his best friend Kevin.

“Aye bro I’m tripping out bout shawty from last night.”

“Yeah, I bet. I told you she was a baddie. But her sister Crystal. Woo wee had me going Brazy last night. I’m talking one leg up. I was like ay, ay, ay….”

“Chill Chill enough of that. The girl you set me up with is in my bed not moving.” David said as the sweat continued to run down his face.

“Duh, that’s what you do when you sleep,” Kevin said as he chuckled moments after.

“No, this girl hasn’t moved since last night. I been flipping her around and smacking her face, she won’t move. I don’t even think she’s breathing.”

“Damn what kind of bionic dick you got?!”

“This is serious,” David shouted.

“Bro calm down. If it’s so serious call an ambulance and let them deal with it.”

Kevin said calmly.

“Nigga is you out your mind. She’s white that’s murder. I’ll be in jail for life. She’s white and I’m dark chocolate.” David explained.

“Then what you going to do. I don’t know. You come up with something.” He said.

Kevin took a 10-minute drive to the apartment complex. David stood over the girl as Kevin walked in.

“ I got a plan. Your building has a trash chute. Easy we carry her there in a bag. Dump her in it then the problem is solved.”

Kevin said.

“Let’s do It.” David.

The two picked her up and placed her inside a trash bag. They carried her as if they were carrying a casket. Down the hall, they went. They repeatedly looked around to make sure no one was around. As they walked in the trash room.

“Aye stop shaking the bag?” Kevin said.

“I’m not shaking,” Kevin replied.

The two looked at each other in sync as they said.

“Aww shit.”

When they opened the bag. She was awake. Looking pissed.

“What the hell are you two doing?” She yelled.

“April Fools,” Kevin yelled.

“You had no pulse,” David said with a shocking look on his face.

“I have a condition. I black out from time to time. I told you that last night if you would have listened. God, I hate men.” She said as she got out of the bag and made her way out of the room.

“I told you about messing white girls,” Kevin said.

“Shut up.”

Disclaimer: I’m not really sure where I got this prompt from but I’ll update this post if I find the original. Hope you enjoyed my little story of a 1 night stand gone wrong. I just let my mind wonder on this one. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow me on IG. I follow everyone back.

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