Weekly Thoughts #30

Week 3 post op felt like it was never going to end. When it did I was anxious to know if I was going to be able to eat again. I finally got the news that I can eat again but only seafood, eggs, and cheese. Not the best menu but it’s better than drinking liquids all the time.

My first piece of food was cheese and it was delicious. I ate that like it was some steak or something. Later on, I ate salmon. I cut a small square and I took about 4 bites. I chewed it up real good I thought and was ready to vomit. I think because I didn’t eat like I was told to do so. But I thought because it was so small I could get away with it.

Am I regretting this decision? Not really, it’s just a lot to get used to. I’m taking it slowly but I don’t know. I’m seeing numbers drop but I’m not really apart of it. I get to go back to the gym so I guess I will feel some satisfaction when those numbers drop.

On the other hand, I went on what felt like a quick road trip. To North Carolina than right back to Maryland on the same day. I went to see my baby cousin graduate from high school.

I sorta miss the road trips down there with my family. Reminds me of the good old days before all the depression arrived. That was how my week went. Let me know how yours went in the comments below. Follow my blog Instagram @Piecesofkblog. Also, follow my Instagram @K.exum. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated on my blog.

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