My Mind (Poem)

My mind- Is me just releasing the thoughts in my mind from 2017. I posted this to just remember the old times and the old problems that I have surpassed. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Audio version is below if you want to listen. Audio

I got a lot on my mind so I thought I write about it

Working all night just trying to make it

Doctors worried cause I’m not getting sleep

I can’t accept defeat

I got to prove that with me, you can’t compete

I got to stay ten toes down meaning I stay on my feet

I’m too busy taking leaps

No time to count sheep

As long as my heart got a beat

I’m going to be speaking on a beat

I can’t stop till my dreams is complete

Too far in, quitting is obsolete

It’s a New Year, I have to grind

I just got a lot on my mind

Out late just trying to shine

Still haven’t made a dime

As I continue to rhyme

I think is it my time

Is it my time to shine

I got to keep shooting my shot like steph

Long live Big Jeff

I got a lot of weight on my chest

I gotta push through it like a bench press

I can’t get any rest

I’m working each day with all I got left

Just worried about meeting death

This journey feel like a game of chess

The day is coming up

The only thing to make my frown turn upside down

I’m just waiting like Dwight waiting for a rebound

For years my mind been on lockdown

Made into a clown

Just to chase someone else dreams

Finally out like Gucci

I got crazy metaphors roaming through my mind like tunechi

If I wasn’t a little ashamed that I got to resort this I would spill

But for now it’s sealed

Tired of being looked at like I should be playing on a field

That’s just not my deal

Many spoken words where I express how I feel

In the gym going harder than a drill

Just trying to move this weight like a drug deal

With this I feel like I really got a voice

Feels good doing something with a choice

My way of making some noise

People couldn’t hear me for a long time

Spoken word came at the right time

Been shy for a long time

It was about time I had something that help me shine

Turned a new chapter in my life, if you don’t support me get in line

It’s my time like a clock

Hard as a rock

Nothing going to stop me not even a glock

Only person to stop me is myself

Book didn’t make a sale last year, you don’t know how I felt

Couldn’t sit back and wait for nothing

Grabbed my pen and went hunting

Now this Spoken Word in your head like a concussion

Did it all on my own no repercussions

It’s 2017 football talks gets no discussion

I’m tired of it, put red on your face like you blushing

My dreams in front of me and I’m rushing

Every track I do I’m crushing

Already got a team no time for people bluffing

Can’t wait for nothing then I’ll start rusting

Just know I’m coming

K. Exum

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