Loyalty (Poem)

We was so perfect together

I thought we was going to be together forever

You killed me silently like a suppressor

You was my treasure

I thought I gave you pleasure

You say all men are dogs

But you call yourself a bad bitch so who really is the dog

You called me a dog because you thought I was cheating

But you was the one sneaking

Leaving me in my feelings

Yeah I was out all them late evenings

But I was just trying to make my earnings

You know getting them Benjamin’s

But I’m always the one in questioning

But don’t think I didn’t hear those noises while on the phone

Yeah I heard you moan

When I asked you what was that sound

You said it was unknown

So I asked the girl from downstairs, you know Simone

She said you always have dudes over, man your cover was blown

While I was at work, you were getting boned

Damn what happened to our bond

We was like bonnie and Clyde

I wanted to make you my bride

Until you lied

When I walked in the door and seen you on top

I didn’t even want to talk I just wanted to pop

But I knew if I popped then I’ll be on lock

So I just left

But now all you say is niggas ain’t shit

But you was the one playing all the tricks

Now when your friends say what happen to old dude

You say he was so rude

And his dick was so small

But when I gave it to you, you was like I can’t take it all

This goes to show

That not every man cheats

Some just get a bad rep from their ex

You just got to peak into that nature and take different steps


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