Old Friend (Spoken Word)

The other day I got a visit from my old friend

I had my friend on my chest like a girlfriend

I haven’t seen him since the ninth grade

That time when I was so afraid

If I let him do what he wanted to do it would be a parade

I almost let him set it off like a grenade

It was going to come as a huge surprise

God wanted me to survive

So I’m still here and energize

When will I rise

Been living in lies

My peers been leading me through a path

I had to get away from that fast like a 40 yard dash

They only want cash

But I need to surpass

Just to go through my own path

My old friend came to lead me to the gates

It wasn’t my time yet

He told me I would soon be a vet

I will soon be a threat

To never let up

And never give up

To always trust your gut

To cut out the negative

No matter what relative

My old friend almost took me to god

But I stopped him

From committing one hell of a sin

Now I’m on a sprint to greatness

You and me will never meet again

I got too much to gain

Been through so much pain

Old friend its over for me and you

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