Pride (Spoken Word)


When did material items make you a thug

All of a sudden when I wear a scully I sell drugs

I hear this all the time but I give it shrugs

I didn’t know that when I wear a hoodie I’m the plug

This is destruct

I can’t help but say the system is corrupt

I didn’t know products define you

Maybe I should wear a suit

But wouldn’t that change my mood

They say it’s not cool

Just because I sag my pants don’t mean I shoot

Do we really got to come this dispute

They say you a gangbanger if you sag

If you wear tight pants you a fag

So when I put on tight pants then automatically kiss a dude

Man that’s so rude

Man this whole world is screwed

Everyone glued to the media but don’t see the whole feud

If a cute girl dances that make her a thot

Or that’s just a undershot

A girl having fun in this day and age is her being desperate

I applaud the ones that are changing the game

I see what this world became

People going insane

I see Jaden Smith getting rid of restraints

He refined fashion

The passion and expression for fashion

Some say they gay

My question is how do you make something gay

Day after day I pray for a better way

So now in this day and age when you wear a skirt

That makes someone want to rape you

I refuse to believe that

The actual human being is the reason they rape and that’s a fact

What happen to don’t judge a book by its cover

I guess that went out the window along with respect

Lets reflect

So many are infected by this disrespect

What is one to do, disconnect from life

But that’s not right

Material item can’t judge one’s pride

So where is your pride?

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