Power (Spoken Word)

Black power, black power

I could scream it for hours

But let’s be real whose going to listen

This feels like an audition

It seems like a tradition

Just different conditions

Another black man speaking must be a restriction

I mind as well call in a demolition

I’m just not getting the recognition

I’m stuck on this mission

Trying to be inspirational

The dream starting to be fictional

More and more try to inspire others

But they become losers

If you not writing a verse

Then you just falling headfirst

Being black and standing up for the people is the worst

So let’s continue to chant black power

It’s not going to do anything

This whole word is a competition

Everyone fighting for the money

That’s the testimony everyone speaks of

If you don’t have it you will get cut off

This is a godless world

They say money isn’t everything

But all I see is high expensive things on the television screen

Prices have been taken to the extreme

I write to serve a purpose

But to other’s I’m just running a circus

The media make you feel worthless

The people on there is remorseless

Make you regret being alive

Yet you try to blend

To even pretend

Depending on a like or comment to get you by

Selfie after selfie just to stay in the conversation

What did that accomplish


Now you rushing to your old self

Isn’t that the purpose of social media

To defeat your inside

It divides you from popular and being true

If you popular, you have the power

If you being true then your speaking to the choir

Have I expired

I’m just trying to inspire

So what is one to do

I’m just mumbling though

If I’m not bringing in a cash flow

Then my rant got to go

All my generation does is spit a verse

I’m use to being second so much when will I be first

When will I have the power

Disclaimer: A rather throwback piece for today. Written for my second mixtape, “New Breed”. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Subscribe to my mailing list & follow me on all social media platforms.


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