How to Create Merchandise

How to create your own merchandise: I am looking to create some merchandise and decided to share what I have learned. Hope you learn something new. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated on my next post. View my previous posts until tomorrow.

Printful: Is my number one target for creating merchandise. They offer prints of items such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, dresses, socks, skirts, posters, backpacks, joggers and even leggings. So really a wide range of items. Printful helps deliver the products as well. They take a percentage and you keep the rest. With the help of an ecommerce platform you can ship out products from your storefront. Such as Shopify, woocommerce, or Big cartel. Ecommerce is basically how you get a storefront. I know you have seen a website where it say www. Thats just the basic membership you can also purchase a higher membership to have your own url. The only cons I experience with Printful is designing. As far as sizing the image you place on the shirt you have to follow their guidelines. This video helped me

Fiverr: I found Fiverr to be the greatest freelance tool. Finding someone to design a graphic is hard in its own way. So let me make it easier. When you arrive to the site or app you can go to the top and click graphic & design. You can then go down and click T- Shirt & Merchandise. Or follow this link.

From there you can cycle through the thousands of designers to you find one that match your style. I do recommend looking at the printful guide for whatever item you choose and finding the size of image your print should be and telling your designer that you want the sizing to be 12×16 for example. So it can be easy to paste. Also when ordering from Fiverr, Make sure it say for commercial use. Commercial use is the ability to reproduce something for money. It may be a little extra but its worth it.

Teespring: Is a personal favorite. It allows you to create and sell products from the site. As fas as uploading a design I find it a little easier. With what I experienced uploading a design don’t require following a guide. You can create a storefront on tee spring. You can also make donations through the sale. Say if you made a breast cancer awareness shirt. You can have some or all of the proceeds go to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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