I got turned down

Writing Prompt #30:The day you were turned down

I remember the time I got turned down by a 6

If I remember correctly it was in class

She swear she was bad

But not really

Was she cute, not really

Her face was okay

Her body not so much

But I shot my shot thinking it was going to be all swishes

No misses

But I missed

In fact i bricked

If I got turned down by a 6

Then what the hell am I

I mean I was a big guy

But I thought I was fly

Foams on every day

High top fade

I looked okay

She used to sit next to me

I thought maybe I can bag her

I started to flirt

Well back then people only flirted on kik

So We messaged back and forth

We just kept trading back in forth like we was playing a sport

When it came down to it I asked her out

She said no

I asked why

She said she got someone

Then sent me a pic

Her girlfriend was big

Like bigger than me

Look kinda stinky

I left the 2 and the 6 alone

I was kind of blown

I got turned down by a 6

So I must be a 5

Or she wasn’t the one for me

Every one you chase is not always for you sometimes it’s a lesson in disguise

Or I could just be a 5

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