Weekly Thoughts #26

This week has been rough. I had to start my liquid diet on Wednesday. In my head, I wanted to have a last meal on the 30th but I couldn’t because I had an appointment on the 1st. So I played it safe. This liquid diet makes me want to quit altogether.

It’s so unrealistic. I have to go from eating 3 meals a day to not eating any food at all. I can only drink water and protein shakes. All though you can drink as many proteins shake you want it still doesn’t feel the same. Trust me I been inhaling them shakes and I still feel hungry. You can eat sugar-free jello and pop sickles. But they still don’t make you feel full.

For the last couple of days, I have been going to sleep hungry. Waking up hungry. For me, the shake only fills me for 2 hours top. You have to do this for 2 full weeks. I don’t know if I’m going to make it through. I honestly feel light headed. I can’t work out how I usually do because I have no energy to do so. If I could quit, I would.

On the upside, I lost another 10 pounds. So I’m currently at 405 pounds which is my new lowest weight. I have been doing this process for so long that I was obsessed over being at this point. Now I’m starting to doubt it. It’s not the liquid diet that’s changing my choice. It’s the fact that I can lose weight on my own. But I know I can relapse at any moment so that makes me want to stay.

This week has been okay. Usually, I’ll be happy about the 10 pounds but I’m kinda not feeling this surgery. The more I read on it and really think about it, makes me want to pull out. But who knows. That’s it for this post. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list to stay up to date on my latest blog posts. View my previous posts until tomorrow.

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