Writing Prompt #29

Writing Prompt 29: The day you made a decision to give up something or someone you love

The day was about last week

When the doctors called me

They said in 2 weeks I can have surgery

But I had to start a liquid diet

It’s been so long in this process that I wanted to start a riot

But if it means going through a diet

Then I can do it like Nike

But I got to give up someone I love

So for now bye chicken I use to eat from Popeyes

That leg, wing, thigh

Combo use to put my spirits at a all time high

And that Panda Express taste so good it felt like it fell from the sky

Ooh and that chick fil a is a blessing from god

Last but not least that chipotle I’m going to miss the most

That burrito bowl with the rice, corn , chicken and steak

Can’t forget the sour cream

Oooh I’m going to miss you, this date has been a dream

But this diet is just my stepping stone

In a couple of months I’ll see you again

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