Writing Prompt #28

Write an open letter to someone

Dear Human,

You know sometimes I wish you could read my mind because I have been trying for years to find the courage to tell you that I needed you. I needed you in the worst way but you turned on me for someone that hadn’t been around as long as I have been. Every time this person mistreated me you act like you didn’t care. When I went behind your back, that’s the only time it seemed like you cared.

When that whole situation was over I thought maybe things will be different. But it wasn’t. You found another thing to put over me. That second moment is what drove me to these scary thoughts I have when I’m alone. Sometimes I laugh because I never thought I would even be at this age. Now the love or happiness I felt around you is gone. The comfort I felt around you is missing and now there’s just an awkward silence between us.

I am still angry after all these years. I guess I just hold grudges like someone we know. This letter is just another waste of writing just like everything I wrote before I was tossed out of your life. Ain’t that right, Human.

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