I wrote a book in a week

Wow, I think I wrote this back in 2018 at the beginning of the year. I wrote a book that I’m not going to name yet. But it’s an urban fiction book with a message to it. With anything I write even as a kid, I always have a message to it.

This book was originally a story that I wrote for an anthology that I made in 2016. So it just came full circle when I decided to extend it. The Story was originally 3 pages and I extended to 150 pages I believe.

Going into writing this I had researched how long does it take to write a book? The answers I kept seeing was 1 to 3 months and I had just put in my head that this was going to take too long. But it didn’t for me.

Eventually, I set my mind to write at least 10 pages each week. But once I got started and I connected with the storyline. 10 pages a week turned into 10 pages a day. I sat down and I would plan out each chapter before the next day. After I write a chapter I would read back through and plan the next one. I tried not to go into a chapter blindly.

Throughout the process, I added in stuff that I didn’t write down but I made sure to write it later. By Thursday I had about a hundred pages and counting. I was so eager to write in this book I felt like a kid wanting candy. When Friday came I woke up at maybe 4 am and finish the book.

Once you have every chapter completely thought out it makes it easier to write. If I didn’t have it thought out and that 3-page story then it probably would have taken a lot longer.

As for the plot of my book, I haven’t released it. Maybe one day. If you want it, I’ll release it. So leave comments below, like this blog and subscribe to my mailing list. Follow me on all social media platforms. View my previous posts until next time.

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