Writing Prompt #24

Writing Prompt #24: What was your best year ever, so far in your life? Give a timeline of events and describe everything that made it so spectacular.

My best year ever so far would have to be 2016. I know that’s only 3 years ago but it was special because it allowed me to find my emotional outlet. That outlet being poetry and storytelling. I was into writing stories heavy when I was a cub but as I got older I fell off when I started going through depression through high school. I just lost my touch.

In 2016 to be exact would be late January is when I discovered Spoken Word. Sometime after that, I just wanted to give it a try after seeing Nick Cannon do some spoken word videos. So my first piece as you should know is New World. Then after that, I just had a spark from it. It became my therapist and my hobby.

May 2nd when I dropped The Rise was the best because it was just the first time I dropped a mixtape. At the time I was in love with it but now I realize I rushed it. But I was just excited to release something. Then New Breed a month later on the 17th. That one wasn’t rushed and became one of my favorites. Then a couple of months later in October, I dropped The Storm where I used my voice to go after different current events and more pieces about me. Just thinking back makes me excited for TR2.

I’m rambling at this point but basically, I gained an outlet that year. I was able to express my deepest emotions through the words I write and recite. Also, it just brought some fun to my life. As you know I’m a big rap fan and not being able to rap is something I hate. So being able to write bars is fun to me. It lightens my day when I listen back through and catch the little bars I threw. That’s it for this prompt. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to be notified when I post. Check out my previous post until my next post.

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