Writing Prompt #22

Writing Prompt #22:

So I just watched the movie Jumanji and yes I’m so late. But the story behind it had me thinking. If you could enter any game which one would it be and why?

So as a gamer I would go into one of the more mature games like grand theft auto 5. I can literally do anything on there and still come back again and again. Plus GTA is an exact replica of life right now so I know what I’m getting into. No real change like Jumanji where your getting chased by big animals. Although I’ll have to deal with gangs and people trying to kill me. Also even if I was killed I still could come back to life. Imagine life if you had unlimited life’s.

That’s my pick. Let me know your pick down below. Also, this prompt will be on Pinterest in case you want to add to your boards. As always subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated on all my post. Follow me on all social media platforms. View some of my other posts until my next post.

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