My Tattoos and Meanings

My cross and heart are my least favorite right now. I think I’m going to add color to it. It’s really a representation of the man in my heart named god. Not the religious type but I’m still a believer in god. This tattoo is really that. Fun fact it use to be just a cross until I added everything else to it. Originally was tattooed on me when I was 14 years old. I got everything else added when I was 16 I believe.

The music star is my favorite. From afar it looks like a regular star. But, this represents my love for music. One day I know I will become this music star, so it’s a little of a double meaning. I got the music star done when I was 15 I believe.

I plan on getting a new tattoo soon. I really want to finish my right arm before I move onto another part of my body. That’s really it for this post. As always like and follow for more from yours truly. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum. My goal is 2,500 and I’m so close to it. So please follow me. I’m also posting poems and quotes so check me out on there.

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