Keto Diet

This ought to be short just like my time on this diet. I believe I started the diet on a Tuesday and stopped on Friday. My initial goal was to last the entire month but it didn’t work out. I gave in to the temptation of good starchy food.

If I can offer one tip it would be don’t try it. But really it’s about being consistent. For me I love starch. Eating meat and vegetables is hard. It’s a lot of things that you would eat regularly that you can’t eat.

Like oatmeal, cereal, fruit, and milk. But you can eat all the meat you want. So weird.

That’s one diet that I wouldn’t try again. I got good results but I still feel like I was starving. Snacking was a major factor. Peanuts became my best friend. Eating meat with cheese turned out to be disgusting without the bread. I may try another diet but as of now, the Keto Diet is not it. I’ll leave a picture I found helpful while on the diet below.

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