Story Time: My First Story

Patrica’s World:

Once there was a girl name Patricia Jones. Her friend’s call her Pat. Pat loves playing soccer, she always wins her games. She has a friend named Janaye. Pat has a crush on a boy named Alvin. Alvin played for the Redskins. One day at school Alvin ask Pat out Pat said yes. They went to the movie Pat got her first kiss. The next day Alvin got hurt in football against the Dallas Cowboys. He broke his leg. 2 Months later Pat was in her final game of soccer, she won. Alvin was healed. But Pat found out Alvin was kissing other girls. So she went up to him and asked why. Then he pushed her, then the next day Pat went up to Alvin and hit him so hard he fell out the wheelchair.

Chapter 2:

One day Pat mother Denise said that she was having a baby. Pat ran like a cheetah to Janaye house to tell her the big news. Then Janaye said the baby was going to steal your spotlight. The baby came they named her Marry. Denise and Kevin said she was cute. But Pat said she was ugly. Then she starts crying. So her dad talks to her.

Chapter 3:

10 years later Marry, Patricia and Janaye were all out shopping. They saw Alvin kissing again. One day Alvin went out with Marry. Pat saw Alvin ask Marry do you want some drugs. She said no. Pat hit him.

Marry grew up an became a doctor. Patrica became a soccer player. Janaye became a professional wrestler. She was the world heavyweight champion.


I have so many questions. For one why was I thinking about all this at the age of 8? Why’re the chapters so small? I confused myself typing this again. That was my first ever story I wrote when I was 8 years old in the house with my grandma on a rainy summer day. I used her first name as the main character in the story. I believe this was the first time I just felt like I should write a story and the rest has been history. Story after another. Followed by speeches and poems now. Well, that’s it for this Storytime. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog. But for now, check out some of my other blogs. Like, Comment and Share this blog. Follow for more content by yours truly.

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