Writing Prompt #10

Write about a difficult conversation you’ve had recently. Then rewrite what you couldn’t say at the time of the conversation.

The most difficult conversation I had recently was maybe five months ago. When I was in a major drought. I was doubting myself and my appearance. I had a serious conversation with my loved ones about the life choices they made for me and how it affected me. A lot of apologies was said on their part. A lot of tears flowed.

But if I was in that moment again I think I would have gone a lot harder. Also, I would have like to include all the people that hurt me the most. Instead of trying to blame it on one person and make them feel worse than what the situation truly is.

Me being me I held back a lot because I’m not the type to express feelings. It’s crazy to keep holding everything in but that has been my life so far. The mic is my only therapist. What I couldn’t say at the time was sorry for putting the blame all on you. I should have gone with my instincts in the situation and handled things my way. Even though you would have been embarrassed with me you might have understood later.

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