Being Big And Tall

I think the hardest part about being big and tall is fashion. You know there are some guys that love wearing whatever that they see. I’m not that guy. I love the whole joggers epidemic.

I like the feel of it. I like the cuff at the bottom that sits perfectly inside or on it but not covering the shoe. I like when I don’t have to try and make a cuff so my shoes can fully be shown. I like how naturally my shoes get a chance to fully express themselves.

With that being said clothes in our size is never as easy to find. There are joggers that say 5 or 6 xl but don’t feel like it. Trying to find the perfect fit is not easy and I struggle with it often. So with me, I’m a little wide and tall. It’s a curse and a curse. Often times I find myself settling for whatever I can find that I kind of like but not truly love.

The only reason I mentioned bottoms only is because tops are not that hard to find. The tops I find I really like. Places like Kingsizedirect and make it easy for me. Sometimes Dxl.

Onto the positive, I find it better not to dwell on it but to change that aspect. By trying to get fit and dropping down a couple sizes to fit in what I like. Also, I just try not to be sad and find what I love in the tops I wear and the accessories. As well as keeping the kicks fly. That was it for this post but I do hope in the future that we can get to be our size and still wear the trend or the clothes we really like without changing. I know it’s some guys that really like their weight and size but they can’t fit the designer. Squeezing into little sizes don’t feel good. Walking around with tight clothes is not comfortable but some of us do it just to look fashionable. But anyway follow me on all social media platforms. Also Stream and Download Poetic Gift On all digital platforms.

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