The Wait 4 (Poem)

It’s been a minute since I did this

But I just need to explain this

Right when I thought I had it all done


I had to take it all down because of legal issues

Made me want to release my sorrows in some tissue

To be honest I just need some beats

Like some really good emotional beats


But when I check the web I can’t find shit

Got my heart in a pit

The text I sent my parents a month ago you can tell I’m losing my shit

Cause the only time I express my feelings is on the mic


Told my own momma and poppa I’m ready to die

That’s how much this means to me

Without it, I’m ready to rise to the gates

But I was raised as a fighter, I can’t just escape

I’m a fat boy so you know I got to clean my plate


The wait has only made me hungrier than a homeless man

Wrote this to show where I stand

Before I die I’m going to be known as the man

I guess I’m back in my bag, damn


Disclaimer: I wrote this when I was really down last year. I was in the midst of creating a project that I felt like was my best content. After battling the producers I had to delete that project. So this was raw emotions I had bottled up after that conflict. I’m good now. Follow this blog for more content like this from me. Also follow me on all social media platforms.

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