Writing Prompt #5

Writing Prompt #5: A man jumps from the fortieth story of a building, as he’s passing the twentieth eighth floor, he hears a phone ring and regrets that he jumped.

“I just can’t seem to do anything right,” Tom said.

“Hey cheer up buddy everything will be okay,” Greg said as he reached out to pat Tom on the back.

“Easy for you to say you already have two kids,” Tom said as he stormed off to his office.

Tom went into his lengthy size office. As he started to throw a mini tantrum to the recent news. Tossing chairs around was his normal routine when it came to hearing bad news.

“Fuck, I just can’t seem to do nothing right. And you big man I see you got what you wanted. I can’t believe I still believe in you. You cursed me with this stupid Klinefelter syndrome. Now I can barely reproduce. It’s messing up my marriage.” Tom said as he continued to pace back and forth yelling at the ceiling.

“My wife is giving out on me. I can tell she’s stressed out about it. Getting a surrogate or adopting is out of the question. We want a kid naturally. I can’t believe this is my life. Screw this.” Tom said as he stormed out of his office.

He went into the elevator and went to the top floor. Tom went up the stairs to the roof. Tom stood on the ledge looking down at the ground from the fortieth story up. Breathing heavy as he looked to end his life. After contemplating he just closed his eyes and jumped. While falling through the sky to the ground. Tom hears his answering machine on the twenty-eighth floor, it was his wife.

“Tom I was going to wait till you got home but… I’m pregnant.”


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