Sunlight (Poem)

This is for anyone who is feeling down and out

The ones who are suffering from self-doubt

To the point where you want to do something but is too scared it won’t work out

I need you to snap out of it


Grab life and hold it tight with a grip

You got to work every second of the day

Because no matter how much you pray

Tomorrow is not promised


It’s the sad truth that you have to stomach

What that means is that you need to wake up every day you get and wreak havoc

Cause life is not a game like an Xbox

You don’t get a second chance


So you have to treat every day like it’s your last dance

Now the question is are you going to work or are you going to lay down and fold

Or are you going to get up and chase the gold

I suggest you start now cause life waits for no one


But I’m not going to act like I never went through the pain

I know that feeling of not wanting to experiment because you scared it’s going to blow up in your face

The key is to have faith


Have faith in what you create

Have faith in how you play

Have faith in how you perform


Even if you fall don’t feel discouraged

Cause it’s better to try

Than to live with that feeling of guilt

Because you never tried

How would life be if Mike would have never gone back out for the team when he didn’t make it the first year

No one would have known who MJ was nor would have cared

The journey is as tough as you make it be


I’m just trying to make you see

The world doesn’t owe you anything

You have to grind

You got to put in all your time

You got to do what’s necessary to shine

There are times when you just want to say forget it and lay down


But you got to get up and work

Remember this no matter how much it hurt

You got to continue to work

Because it don’t matter what you do

You will always go through the rain before you make it to the sunlight

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