5 Underrated Artists

J. Cole: This one is a real argument because I believe he won’t get the recognition he deserves as a lyricist. It’s always two or 3 other artists out above him and I really don’t see the comparison. I may be biased because he’s my favorite artist but I believe he’s the top rapper in the industry as of right now.

Montana Of 300: Always and forever underrated. I think it’s because he won’t sign a deal. I don’t blame him though it’s like signing up to get robbed. When you put in all the work but somehow they get a bigger cut because their name is behind you. Also when it comes to having bars he is unmatched.

Russ: Same as Montana really. Also, some confuse his music with his supposed cockiness. I mean why not flaunt that you do it all on your own. Just like when someone shows off jewelry if you got it why not.

Hopsin: I don’t know why his name is not bigger. The flows plus his creative storytelling is one in a million. If you haven’t listened to him, I advise you do.

NF: His Music is a little emotional but it’s his real life. Just listen to How Could You Leave Us and you’ll see what I’m referring to. By the way, great music to write to.

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