Zodiac Sign and Comparison:

So this year is about building and growth so with that being said I thought I should start by learning about my inner self. For starters my zodiac sign. If you don’t know, now you know I am a Scorpio. Born on November 17. So I will list something I read online and compare and contrast it with my own personal knowledge of myself. I read most of this information from .www.astrology.com and www.astrospeak.com, if your wondering.

Soft but don’t show it

Yeah sometimes. That’s weird cause I’m doing it right now. I can be a little emotional at times but choose to mask it with a smile and act like nothing is going on. Often I find myself letting it out in the poems I write.

Never back down from any challenge

A hundred percent true. Well, most of the times. Put it like this. I don’t back down from challenges I’m very passionate about. If my heart not in it then I will most likely back down or show little effort in completing the challenge.

Don’t work well with others. Like to do things on their own.

This couldn’t be even more me. I don’t like group projects or activities. I WORK ALONE. But would definitely want to try and work with someone else in my poetry or something else around that area.

Sarcastic jokes

Always cutting sarcastic jokes around my peers. It’s just something I do just because. So that definitely match up.

Problem Solver

Not really. I will try to give you advice on certain situations but not really that helpful. I will try to give my honest opinion on your situation and give out some type of help. So somewhat me.


Definitely, when it comes to the people or animals I love. Very protective.

Self-criticism. Learn from previous mistakes.

I feel like the past few years I have been reminiscing a lot and casting a clear judgment on those situations. So I think this really applies to me and my life at the moment.


100% even when your not. It’s a gift and a curse.

Likes to think about deep situations

I actually do this a lot. Thinking of what if’s. What if I was in this situation and how would I handle it? That type of thing. Or casting my opinions on different events around the globe that I have never been in.

Stay behind the scenes and analyze things

I swear this is my comfort zone. I’m at peace when I’m just behind the scenes. Writing behind the scenes is clearly my passion.

Likes to wear black and red

This was a weird one to read. Like it’s true but it just weird that, that was a trait. I believe it said buying a Scorpio an outfit in red and black is a perfect gift.

Scorpios can lose their temper when someone is in the way

This has happened many times before. I wish it didn’t but yeah.

Can say some very harsh things when it’s back is against the walls

I gone said some harsh things when in my feelings. It’s just like the temper thing. I gone called my blood sister a bitch. Got in multiple altercations with coaches. I am very guilty of that one.


In summary, I relate to it a lot. Some more than others. The temper thing is one I still want to research more on. Something I’m not happy about and want to better understand it. Expect a blog on that real soon. But until tomorrow, check out more of my blogs. Also, stream and download Poetic Gift. Links will be below and like, comment and follow this blog for more by K. Exum. Make sure you follow me on all social media platforms.


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