Story (Poem)

I want to tell a story

I don’t know I guess that’s the author in me

Look it was this kid his mom helped him stay on his feet

Made sure his heart beat

Made sure he never accepted defeat

She was his protector

But one day she gave in and left him in the cold

He kept wishing she came back but like bread, he started to mold

Feelings started to fold

Things got old

As this dude got tired of life

He was crying himself to sleep every night

Dreaming of the days when he felt right

He was tired of life

Wishing he could see the light

So he grabbed a knife

Put it to his throats and applied pressure

But something wouldn’t let him go through with it

Time after time he wanted to get the slicing like wolverine

But he stays up and tries to grind

Cause he know one day it will be his time

And family don’t always got your back like a spine

In them cold lonely nights

He learned who was his true peers

The rest left him with tears

He had to switch gears

Now he lurking in shadows

Fighting his own battle

It’s crazy how that boy is me

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