Let’s Talk About It: Social Media

I believe social media is a tool. There are many ways to make money from social media. Either advertising products for a certain company or brand and make money from that specific link. Or using ads for YouTube and or your blog. Also if you’re looking to expand as an artist or business it’s a great way to network. Other than making a profit you can meet new people in general. Some people connect with a future significant other on social media. But there is a con that I want to talk about.

It’s easy to get bullied on social media. Not knowingly people get bullied for posting a simple picture or video of themselves. It use to be just in person but from the comfort of your own home someone can torment you online and make you feel insecure. Or their words can strike a certain nerve that you didn’t even know was still there. Point is there are some negative people who thrive on talking down on someone just because. It’s crazy because people judge you off of a snippet of your life. Some even believe that they have a right to just because you have some type of success. Like you signed up to be hated on.

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