Judge This Cover

Judge This Cover By Brittany Renner

It’s weird I read this book because of the constant hate I kept seeing on social media. I’m the type of person that wants to see what all the controversy is about. So I downloaded it on Kindle and read it. It was about 130 pages so a quick read. Even quicker because I got into it.

I believe I heard multiple stories either on twitter or YouTube of people just bashing it. Most of them would start off with “ I didn’t read it but” That’s when I knew I had to read it. The major problem from the start. Judging off the cover. Like she probably wanted you to. Seen her body and just judged without opening the book. Maybe heard something on a video from someone who didn’t read it and just went off what they said.

I loved it. Seeing the different perspective from the woman’s side. I’m a guy so hanging around guys and knowing what they do to girls and how they treat them. Seeing her change from vulnerability to this Strong woman. Honestly after reading I just got to say Seth was an asshole. I just had to get that out. I don’t want to single out a specific gender but some of us just disrespect and degrade our partners. Like they don’t have feelings. If you not all in the relationship then why be in one? If you want to be single. BE SINGLE! Also trying to use people as our personal build a bear is never the answer. I believe there’s someone out there for all of us. The problem is there is no compass to help us find them.

I have been on and off with reading this year but by far this was the best read. It was a lot of quotes to go by in this book. I recommend you read it. Judge This Cover


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