Voices 2 (Poem)

I keep hearing voices in my head like Randy Orton

They saying, what are you doing K

You live the same pattern every day

Wake up play around like you made it already

You got everything you said you needed last year

The camera so people can actually see your work

I feel like I’m losing out

I gone sunk into a drought

Late nights with your pen going in

Turned into late nights with a bag of chips

And joysticks

That you flick around while You watch the characters on the screenplay as the clock continues to tick

I realize, I was doing what the voices told me to do, wait

Got to snap out of this or I’m going to be late

I got to clean my plate

I got 5 novels that I started and never finished

I got to get my strength up like when Popeye ate spinach

I got to make it far being a young kid coming from Kent village

Someone that skipped college

Said forget that knowledge

Each day I got to gain some leverage

Out late with my friends, look at my phone and see my momma texting

So much on my mind got me stressing

One part of me wants to stay out and keep flexing

But when I look in the mirror I’m lacking

This that time where I need to have a million books stacking

Book after book suppose to be in the people’s hands

But you letting the dreams fall through your hands like sand

You suppose to be building your brand

What am I doing I keep thinking

The voices keep trying to talk to me but I keep on pressing decline like my ex calling

At the same time I know I’m just stalling

Because at heart I know I want to change

But I just don’t put in enough work to change

I sometimes think I’m out of range

Or I just don’t know how to aim

Haven’t dropped anything in a while, just trying to make a come back like Gucci Mane

But the voices in my head got me going insane

Listened to my old music realized how my fam use to try to keep me tame

But now looking in the mirror it’s me who’s holding back

Maybe cause I’m still stuck off my mixtape numbers

But trio said turn up, so I’m coming with the lumber

Meaning I’m coming with something heavy

Project after project dropping

No stopping

So many projects you going to get tired of hearing my voice

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